Our decision to purchase new furniture was a major event and ‘buying American’ was very important to us. Therefore, we chose Chariho Furniture after having seen advertisements celebrating the fact that their lines of furniture are all American made

Upon entering the store, immediately we saw a breathtaking reproduction highboy. Truly heirloom quality. While browsing, we realized that every piece in the store is just that – ‘heirloom quality’ in structure, finish and style. We were greeted and serviced by Sandy, an interior designer who was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating ‘over & above’ the norm.

– Dianne & Tony

Chariho Furniture’s customer service is unparalleled. We are slowly but surely redecorating each room of our home and with our salesperson/interior decorator Sandy the job is not at all as daunting as you would imagine. Sandy is patient, courteous and extremely knowledgeable.

She also has assisted my husband in many ‘surprise gifts’ all of which I have loved. The fact that Chariho Furniture is only a few miles from our home and sells American made furniture using 100% real wood is the icing on the cake for us.

We are very much looking forward to our next purchase.

-Steve & Anne Maria

My husband and I have been slowly buying and then upgrading our home furniture since we built our home in Richmond 22 years ago. Like so many young parents, we initially bought what we could afford from a variety of big box style furniture stores- or at least what we thought was the most affordable.

When several pieces of bedroom and living room furniture began failing and looking shabby (broken drawer rails, broken handles, ugly nicks in laminate, a recall on a phenol based laminate piece from overseas, etc.), we switched our approach and began periodic Sunday visits to Chariho Furniture to see what we truly could afford and would give us the most bang for our buck.

Our sentiments on buying power have also evolved, thinking more local/regional/USA made; buying from furniture makers that use sustainable wood procurement practices and craftsmanship; buying pieces that our daughters can inherit and reuse and in turn hand down to their children (someday may years from now 🙂 ); and selecting pieces that are flexible and highly functional while beautiful.

Sometimes we walk in and walk out with a new unplanned but perfect piece, look around for comparables, but always end up coming back to Chariho – as unbeatable for quality and price.Thanks and see you some Sunday!

– Repreh Enderi

Chariho has so much to choose from; elegant, quality, and well-built furniture that is made right here in the USA! Our experience from start to finish exceeded our expectations. We even received a postcard from the man who was building our table and chairs letting us know the approximate date of completion! And, the delivery team from Chariho was very professional and patient too, as we were trying to decide exactly where to place the furniture once it was delivered.

We couldn’t have asked for more! We are very excited about our furniture because it isn’t just furniture; it is our family dining table where we all come together in the evening, and our ‘big’ sofa where we have already enjoyed many family ‘movie’ nights! Thank you, Chariho!

-Joe & Kelly

Years ago my wife and I discovered your store when we were driving by. My wife, who was always curious, decided to stop and look your store over. We took a tour of the store and liked it. In the following years we always bought our furniture there.

Last year, when I was 93, I felt I needed a strong-armed chair to sit and read in. I insisted on going to your store first and we saw a chair that looked just like what I wanted. My children insisted that we shop around and we visited about every furniture shop in the southern half of RI.

Then we went back and bought the chair I wanted in your store, and have enjoyed it ever since.

– Walter

When you enter other furniture stores, you walk around trying to find what you want. When you walk into Chariho you want everything!

– JoAnn & Don

My salesperson, Angela, took the time to explain the finer points of furniture selection, outlining the importance of material quality and craftsmanship. I never knew that most big box store’s furniture was made with ‘Manufactured Wood’ whereas Chariho Furniture’s is always 100% solid hard wood. It makes a difference!

From the sales process, to delivery and installation, Chariho is top notch!

– Melissa