Limited Edition Queen Anne Comb-back Chair

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The current limited edition by D.R.Dimes is a faithful reproduction of a unique and important Early American Masterpiece made in Philadelphia circa 1750-1780.  To our knowledge, only one example has survived and has never before been reproduced for sale to the general public.  We proudly offer this piece we believe represents the pinnacle of American craftsmanship, both in the eighteenth century and today.  Only 500 will be made in solid tiger maple.  Each chair will be branded, labeled and signed by D.R.Dimes. <p> <p> Available only in Tiger Maple for this limited edition. <p> Olde Amber  

Additional Finishes:

Not available.

Category: Chairs
Manufacturer: D.R. Dimes
Price: Starting at $2,191
Dimensions: 44 1/2"H 29 5/8"W