chariho-furniture-deliveryIt is our policy to only sell furniture into our own delivery area on our own company trucks by employees of Chariho Furniture. Our furniture is of the highest quality and we feel that our customers expect the type of service that we provide.

Pre-Delivery Inspection and Preparation

Before delivery, all furniture is opened in our warehouse, dusted, waxed and inspected before it is loaded onto one of our trucks. All furniture is then blanket-wrapped to be delivered to the customer’s home.

Home Delivery

Employees of Chariho Furniture bring all items into your home, including placement and set up of pieces, if needed, is always included. In the rare case that service after the sale is required, an employee of Chariho Furniture would come to your home to inspect the item and make repairs as necessary. In some cases, a factory-authorized outside service company may provide inspection and/or repairs needed.

Delivery Fees

There is a nominal $75 delivery fee on most purchases over $499 in our local area. For additional fees, if applicable, outside of our immediate area, please contact one of our interior consultants for further details. Our delivery area includes all of RI, CT and most parts of MA.